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Flugzeug24.com offers numerous used and new gliders. For sure you can find a suitable glider among the offers of private sellers and aircraft dealers.

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A glider is an airplane designed for engineless flying. Therefore, gliders usually do not have their own engine. To start one needs another airplane for towing or a rope system. In the latter case, depending on the length of the rope, one can gain 300 to 500 meters height. If the glider is being towed by another aircraft the pilot of the glider decides when and where he will be released.

The construction of a glider enables it to fly a long stretch without losing too much height. Modern gliders have a 1:30 to 1:60 relation, meaning they can cover 30 to 60 kilometers while sinking only one kilometer.

To stay in the air gliders make use of thermal currents in the air, warm upward air currents caused by sunshine and the resulting warming of the earth. Another way to stay up is to use the upwards currents of hangs, e.g. when wind blows against a mountain range. The wind is deflected upwards and can help the glider to stay in the air for hours.