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Flugzeug24.com offers numerous used and newhelicopters . You can for sure find a suitable helicopter among the offers of private sellers and aircraft dealers.

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A helicopter is an aircraft which gains its upward and forward momentum from its revolving rotors.

The rotors act like circulating wings, as they cause an ascending draft  through creating air-currents. Therefore, helicopters are rotary-wing aircrafts rather than fixed-wing aircrafts. The maximum speed for civilian helicopters is usually somewherer between 200 and 300 km/h, although some combat helicopters may fly up to 360 km/h. The usual maximum height is about 5,000 meters, though some models may gain up to 9,000 meters.

One of the obvoious advantages of helicopters is that they can hover at one point in th air or move forwards, backwards or vertically up or down. As they can take off vertically they do not need any runway and are therefore often used for police work or emergency flights.