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Flugzeug24.com offers numerous used and new small aircrafts. You can for sure find a suitable paraglider or hang glider among the offers of private sellers and aircraft dealers.

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Paragliders and Hang Gliders

A paraglider is a piece of aerial sports equipment for gliding through the air off large heights. A modern paraglider can reach a speed from 22 up to 55 km/h. It consists of a canopy connected to a bodybelt through various shroud lines. The canopy is an eliptic piece of nylon, which has been re-enforced by being woven in the "Ripstock" technique. Its total size for a one-manned paraglider is 20-35 m² and it is roughly 10 to 13 meters. Paragliders for two persons have a size of up to 43 m².
Legally paragliders are considered to belong to the "aerial sports equipment" class. There they belong to the sub-class of paragliders.

A hang glider consitst of a robust framework of aliminium pipes and crossbars over which a piece of sailcloth is strechted. The pilot hangs below this construction and steers the glider by shifting weight and pulling the steering bar. This may also influence the glider's speed.
Hang gliders can start from anywhere. Apart from juming off high places they can also be dragged up by microlight planes . The average speed is 40 km/h and an experienced pilot may cover a distance of up to 200 km, if the winds are convenient.

Hang gliding is easy to learn and the training can be started at the age of 14. To fly without an instructor one must at least be 16 years of age and have an aviation licence.

Are you interested in hang gliding or para gliding and want to experience the lightness of flying and the beauty of the sky?
Then use our search engine to find a paraglider or hang-glider suitable for you.