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As a baloon one considers a self-supporting hull filled with gas, which does not have its own propulsion system. For gas one usually uses air (hot-air baloons, air baloons) or a carrying gas like helium or hydrogen (gas baloon).
A hot-air baloon consists of a hull open at the bottom, attached to a burner and a passenger basket. The burner produces a large flame that heats the air within the hull.
A baloon is generally not steerable, the wind causes the flight path. However, the pilot may use various air currents to influence height and direction.

A licence is required for piloting a baloon. According to their volume baloons are categorized into several classes. Without further additions a regular baloon licence is valid for class 1 up to 4250 m³ and a basket for at most six persons. To gain a licence one must at least be 17 years of age, take a course on first-aid actions in case of an emergency and complete the practical and theoretical training. The theoretical course subjects are the same as in general pilot training.

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