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Prices & Services

(unlimited runtime, 10 pictures are included)

0 €
    • Unlimited prolongation free of charge
    • Ad on Aeroplane24.com
    • 10 pictures included
19 €
    • Unlimited prolongation free of charge
    • Ad on Aeroplane24.com
    • Ad on Flugzeug24.vom (german website)
    • 10 pictures included
    • 2 times more inquiries as with a Mini
    • Picture enlargement
49 €
    • Unlimited prolongation free of charge
    • Ad on Aeroplane24.com
    • Ad on Flugzeug24.vom (german website)
    • 10 pictures included
    • 10 times more inquiries as with a Mini Packet
    • Picture enlargement
    • Highlight in color
    • 100 days top position guaranteed in the chosen category

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1. Services

  • Easy-to-use databank with no limits:
    Every customer receives a personal user name and a password, with which all descriptions, prices and photos can be entered and modified at any time.
  • Photos free of charge:
    You can include up to 11 photos in every advertisement without any additional charge.
  • Private website for dealers:
    An own private website with links to all of your aircrafts advertised at Flugzeug24.com as well as your logo and picture with directions sketch.
  • Your aircrafts registered at Flugzeug24.com displayed on your private website
    You have the possibility to integrate the automatic display of all of your aircrafts for sale on Flugzeug24 onto your private homepage.
  • Free-of-charge weekly statistics
    You can receive free-of-charge weekly statistics of enquiries and page impressions of your aircrafts via email.
  • Trial month for dealers:
    You can enter one aircraft offer at Flugzeug24.com completely free of charge for one month in order to test our strong online presence and the resulting customer response!
  • Free of charge entry of your data via XML-interface
    You already have aircrafts in your private database? We can establish a free of charge interface for you, which allows to administer your aircraft portfolio on our portal without having to re-enter the baircrafts into our database.
  • Continuous presence without long contract period:
    Our contract can be terminated without period of notice at the end of every month. We will collect retrospective charges quarterly in form of the comfortable and safe direct debit on your account.
  • Powerful online presence:
    Flugzeug24.com was founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Spain and has an established position in the online aircraft market.

2. Conditions and prices

The following charges are only for dealers and manufacturers and are collected for the retrospective periods in form of direct debit from the respective bank accounts. The rate is calculated for the average monthly number of online aircraft offers.

The number of aircrafts put online is saved every day and used to calculate the average on the first working day of the following month. The resulting number is rounded down (unless it's an integral number) and used to determine the charge according to the following model:

Average monthly number of aircrafts Net price / month Price per aircraft/month from €
von 1 bis 3 3,- 1,-
von 4 bis 8 objects 5,- 0.63
von 9 bis 20 objects 14,- 0.70
von 21 bis 40 19,- 0.48
von 41 bis 60 objects 29,- 0.48
von 61 bis 80 objects 39,- 0.49
von 81 bis 100 objects 49,- 0.49
von 101 bis 140 objects 69,- 0.49

Any questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our price-model or other things please do not mind to conact us.

Equipment follows the same conditions as aircrafts and can be registered in the same way within your range of offers.

Does our service convince you? Should you still have any doubts or objections, please select any of our clients and ask them about the quality of Flugzeug24.com.

If you would like to register now, please fill in the registration form. You can log in immediately after and proceed to enter your aircraft offer into our database.

3. Questions?

Please send us an email at infoflugzeug24.com or call us at 0049 40-244 249 25.