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General Terms of Business of Flugzeug24.com

 § 1 Scope of application - definitions

(1) The following terms and conditions shall apply to all legal relationships between Flugzeug24 Networks GmbH (hereafter 'Flugzeug24') and the sellers acting as commercially active dealers (hereafter 'dealers') that arise through the use of the online platform

(2) The terms 'aircraft' or 'aircrafts' used below shall stand for the terms motored airplane, motor glider, microlight,
glider, helicopter, paraglider, hang glider, balloons, model airplanes, engines, aircraft equipment, hangar as well as combinations of the aforementioned terms and synonymous terms.

(3) Flugzeug24reserves the right to modify the general terms of business at any time. Flugzeug24shall
notify the dealers of any such modification at least four weeks before their coming into force.

(4) Applicable for the contractual relationship between the aircraft buyer or charterer and the dealer are the contractual terms set by the dealer and
the general terms of business where required.

 § 2 Description of Flugzeug24service

(1) Flugzeug24 provides an Internet platform where aircrafts can be presented.
Flugzeug24 makes every reasonable effort to maintain the availability of the databank within technical and operational limits.
Availability can temporarily be limited or interrupted owing to technical failures such as
interruption of power supply, congestion or overload of the telecommunications network,
interruption of power supply,
technical problems of the service provider of the Internet or any other circumstances beyond the control of Flugzeug24.

(2) The databank provided by Flugzeug24 is subject to regularly scheduled maintenance cycles and continuous further development
in order to prevent serious interruptions of operation of the website
and to assure and improve the security of the server.
For this reason, Flugzeug24 reserves the right to temporarily modify, suspend, discontinue, or restrict access to, all or any part of Flugzeug24.com at.
Notification of maintenance work shall be made timely.

(3) The layout and structure of the website shall be the responsibility of Flugzeug24. We reserve the right to
modify, reduce, enhance or edit the structure of the website
without prior notice provided the aimed purpose of the legal relationship is not or not significantly impeded.

 § 3 Contribution of the users

(1) Dealers use the website of Flugzeug24 to
publish genuine aircraftoffers. The input mask provides the possibility to describe aircrafts using the predefined criteria and unrestricted data entry. All entries shall be made
truthfully and with due care. The essential characteristics of the aircrafts shall be truthful.

(2) Misleading data or uploading of pictures that do not depict the aircraft which is the subject of the contract
is not prohibited.

 § 4 Aircraft specifications

(1) All information shall be shall be truthful and complete, including valid prices. The dealer is liable for the fact that the aircraft is available at the price stated in the presentation.

(2) External Internet addresses in the presentation text are not allowed as we intend to offer complete aircraft presentations that do not require further information. Email addresses and phone/fax numbers shall only be entered in the designated fields.

(3) Each aircraft presentation shall refer to one single aircraft. Other aircrafts of the dealer shall not be mentioned in the description.

(4) The dealer guarantees that the provided contents and information doesn't infringe the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, trade secrets, privacy, publicity, personal or proprietary rights.

 § 5 Prices

(1) The fees as stated in the current price list in the menu point 'Services' shall apply.

(2) The prices are subject to VAT at the current rate
provided that VAT is applicable under German law.

(3) Fees are due on the date of use of services. The payment method shall be quarterly retrospective payment in the form of a direct debit. We reserve the right to charge extra for any other form of payment.
Should the payment not be possible at the time of payment due to not sufficient funds,
the dealer is obliged to cover all the costs arising from the non-payment.

(4) Flugzeug24 has the right to lock the corresponding offers in case of a default of payment.
Upon receipt of the payment, the offers shall be unlocked.

(5) Prices at Flugzeug24 are calculated according to the current taxes, wage agreements,
non-wage labour costs, telecommunications charges and trading conditions. We
reserve the right to change prices due to modified conditions.
The dealers shall be notified of the price changes in writing or via email at least four weeks in advance. Unless the dealer objects to the new fees within the fours weeks before their going into effect, the fees are considered to be accepted.
The dealer shall be informed of the consent resulting from the passage of time without objection once again
in form of a notification of the new prices.

(6) The dealer shall only have the right to compensation when the claim has been legally acknowledged,
no objection is raised or Flugzeug24 has acknowledged this claim.

 § 6 Contract period

(1) The contract comes into effect when the presentation order reaches
Flugzeug24 by letter of by fax.

(2) The contract can be terminated by either party without a period of notice at the end of every month in writing either by fax or by letter.

 § 7 Liability

(1) Unless in the case of breach of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation), Flugzeug24 can only be held liable for damage caused by proven malicious or grossly negligent breach of contractual duty limited to typical foreseeable damage. Additionally, Flugzeug24 is liable according to the regulations of law and this contract, provided that liability for all cases of slight negligence is excluded. This limitation does not apply to liability for damages or injuries to life, body and health.

 § 8 Data protection

(1) All data of our customers shall be treated confidentially.

(2) Personal data which Flugzeug24 receives in the course of the registration as well as to carry out services or communication services shall only be stored and processed to such extent as permitted by the customer or strict observance of relevant rules and regulations.

 § 9 Applicable Law

(1) The place of jurisdiction is Hamburg to the extent permitted by law. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be applicable.

 § 10 Final provisions

(1) The provisions included in this agreement include all valid provisions concerning
the subject matter of the contract. No oral agreements exist.
Previous agreements and provisions lose their validity at the time this agreements comes into force.

(2) Any changes of this agreement require written form. The same applies also to the very
requirement of the written form.

(3) Should one or more regulations of these terms and conditions be ineffective this shall not result in the ineffectiveness of the overall contract.
Any ineffective provision shall be replaced by the parties by an enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision.

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